Friday, October 25, 2013

TEE Attendees Visit Taguig Community Center

Participants in the Transformative Economic Empowerment training session held  October 2013
listen as Shiera Ondangan(above, right) and Pastor Ruel Castino (below, in brown shirt)
 talk about the programs and services offered by CCT at its community center in Taguig. 

Micro finance workers from  nine different countries visited the Center for Community Transformation (CCT)  Group of Ministries  community center  in Taguig City as part of their learning activities during the third Transformative Economic Empowerment (TEE) training session held in October 2013. The visit allowed the TEE participants to talk with staff and beneficiaries about the programs and services offered by the community center. 
The TEE attendees are from Sri Lanka,  Peru, India, Moldova, Zambia, Kenya, Thailand, Uganda, and the US. The weeklong training session they attended was a collaborative activity of CCT and the CCT Ka-Partner Network, a consortium of US-based organizations ministering to the poor through partnership with MF institutions or churches in other countries. The members of the CCT Ka-Partner Network are Hope International, Peer Servants, endPoverty, and Five Talents. 

The Taguig Community Center offers micro finance services, pre-school education, basic medical check ups, and Brigada Bata training.  Worship services of the CCT-Taguig community church are also held there. 

CCT branch offices throughout the country which at the moment simply offer micro finance services will gradually be converted into community centers over the next several years.